With summer fast approaching in Vancouver, having an air conditioning system that is working is vital for enjoying a nice and cool house. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong, and your air conditioning system may need repair if it is not working. At Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling in Vancouver, we want to ensure you can enjoy a nice cool home. So, here are some things that may be the culprit of your A/C not blowing cool air.

This May Be Why Your Air Conditioning System Isn’t Working
  • Check the Air Filter
    One of the biggest reasons for a window (and central air conditioning system) not to blow cold air will be because of a lack of airflow. A common cause for air not to properly flow is due to dirty or clogged air filters. This can cause little to no cool air to be circulated, and in some instances, may even cause your A/C to stop. You should replace your air filter often, and if the evaporator cells in your window A/C are dirty, try cleaning them with a gentle brush and warm soapy water.

    It is always recommended to call a professional for air conditioning repair if your system is not working.

  • The Fan
    Another culprit for your window A/C unit not to blow cold air could be a faulty fan or fan motor. When functioning currently, the fan will attract air over the evaporator coils and distribute this cold air to your room. If something is wrong with your fan or motor, these components are found inside of the unit, so you will have to remove the cabinet if you do choose to inspect them. You can test to see if the fan will turn without any friction – you can also inspect for any potential damage to it. As previously mentioned, it is highly suggested to call in an HVAC technician to conduct the proper air conditioning repair that you need.
  • The A/C Temperature Control
    If the air filter and your fan/fan motor are not the culprits, another reason could be the temperature control or thermostat. These are the controls that regulate and monitor the room/house temperature and turn on/off the compressor – basically, this is what tells your A/C to start blowing cold air. For most models, you can find the sensing bulb that goes to the front of the evaporator coils. When there is an issue with this and the temperature control, there may be no signal/power being sent, so cooling will not occur.

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