Keeping your air conditioner unit well-maintained is vital for extending its lifespan. However, your AC unit can easily suffer damages due to a hailstorm. A hailstorm can also cause substantial damages to your vehicle, roof, and outdoor items. These hail storms cause over $1 billion in property damage each year, so when it happens, it’s essential to contact a company that provides air conditioning repair in Vancouver to inspect your AC unit.

Here are a few of the most common ways a hailstorm can damage your AC unit.
  • Bent Fins

    One of the most frequent hail damage types occurs when the hailstones bounce into the thin metal fins that direct the airflow. These bent fins will restrict the airflow and can cause your AC unit to overheat. Reaching out to air conditioning repair companies in Vancouver is always a good idea to replace or fix these fins as soon as possible.

  • Damage to Fan Motor and Blades

    Large hailstones can also cause a dent in the fan motor or blades. These dents will cause the blades to wobble, which will create significant damage to your system over time. A cracked blade can also shut down your entire system.

  • Increase in Energy Consumption

    Hail damage can often cause your AC unit to work much harder. Over time, this will cause your energy bill to rise. But reaching out to a company that offers air conditioning repair in Vancouver can help save you money and prevent costly breakdowns.

  • Thermostat Wiring Problems

    A hailstorm can cause problems with your thermostat wiring or even damage the refrigerant tube. Getting your AC unit inspected after a hailstorm is always a good idea, as many times, you will be unable to identify these problems without a professional inspection.

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