Whether it is summer or winter, your home’s HVAC system will inevitably make some noise along the way. But while some of those noises may be normal, others can indicate issues that may require the help of HVAC contractors from our Vancouver team at Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling.

Five HVAC Noises Explained & What to Do About It
  • Banging or Thumping
    In the event, you hear thumping or banging noises coming from your HVAC system, this means there could possibly be an issue with your system. Always power off your HVAC unit and call in our HVAC contractors in Vancouver to investigate the issues before it worsens.
  • A Rattle
    Rattling often means there may be debris blowing in your HVAC system. Often, something like a bolt or screw in your system can potentially lead to serious issues down the line.

    If you can unscrew your vent and remove the debris you can, but it’s always recommended to call an AC contractor and HVAC expert for repairs.

  • Pop
    Do you hear a pop when your system turns on and/or off? If you do, don’t worry, this is just the sound of your metal duck work expanding and is nothing to worry about. Insulation like rubber or foam can help if the popping is really loud and bothersome.
  • Hissing
    When you hear a hissing noise, it most likely means that there is a leak or seal issue within your ducts. Duct leaks can lead to a big increase in your energy bills due to your system having to work more to compensate for lost air from the leaks.

    Duct leaks can also create air quality issues, can dirty up your filters faster, and can even create hot and/or cold spots.

  • Clicking
    Clicking can often be an indication of your thermostat and system starting up – and this is a good and normal sound to hear. Now, if you hear frequent clicking when your HVAC system is already running, that could be a sign that there may be something wrong.

    Often, a clicking could indicate an issue with the system relay. In such cases as these, contact an HVAC contractor from our team.

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