If you’re unhappy with the performance of your current air conditioner in Vancouver, the good news is that today’s models are more efficient than ever. After Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling helps you choose the perfect system for your home, there’s only one thing left to decide: the installation date. Assuming that your current air conditioner isn’t broken down and you have some flexibility on when you’ll have your new unit installed, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you choose the perfect installation date.

The Busy Seasons

For HVAC contractors, the busy seasons are those that have the most extreme weather. That means summer and winter. If you have the opportunity to control when you have your new air conditioner installed, we recommend avoiding these times if you can. Although most HVAC contractors will be able to work you into their schedule, you may have to wait a while, or you may not get the day of the week that works best for you. If you schedule your installation during a slower period, though, you’ll be sure to get fast service at the time that’s most convenient for you.

Planning Ahead

For some people, fall might seem like a strange time to have an air conditioner installed since you won’t be using it much for the next several months. However, planning ahead is always a good idea when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. If you opt to install a new system in the fall, you’ll be able to get one more season of service out of your current system. This will make your investment in a new system even more worthwhile. Plus, you’ll have ample time to research your new system so that you can understand how to use it efficiently when the temperature starts rising again.

Thinking About Heat Pumps

A heat pump from Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling offers a great way to both heat and cool your home efficiently. Since this system offers heating and cooling capabilities, special planning is required when it comes to choosing an installation date. You’ll need to decide which extreme season you want to first be prepared for. If your house is more miserable in the winter, for example, you’ll probably get more out of your new system by installing it in the fall. If hot summer temperatures get you down, though, spring will likely make a better option for installation.

Avoiding Emergencies

Ultimately, the big reason you want to plan ahead when it comes to your HVAC system is to avoid emergencies. The last thing you want to do is to find yourself without an air conditioner unexpectedly during the sweltering summer heat. Trying to take care of things last minute is always more stressful and expensive. Whether you’re trying to find a place to stay while your air conditioner isn’t working, finding fans to keep your home bearable, or looking for a new cooling system, you’re likely to pay more if you push your air conditioner past the point of no return. That’s why it’s a good idea to have Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling inspect your system at least once a year so that you can find out about any potential problems before they reduce your system to a giant paperweight.

Looking for Rebates

One more perk of planning ahead for your new air conditioner is that many manufacturers and installers often offer rebates on air conditioners during the off-season. Since these entities need income throughout the year, they are often willing to discount their products so that they can earn the business of homeowners. Sometimes, you have to dig for rebates, especially from the manufacturer, so make sure to do your research before you settle on a new air conditioner.

Installing the Very Best

At Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling, we take pride in the quality of our air conditioner installations, furnace repairs, and other types of HVAC services that we provide. We offer a variety of air conditioners from various manufacturers to ensure that you get the best system at a great price. In addition to typical forced air systems, we can install ductless systems to allow you to precisely control the temperature in individual rooms in your home. And, if you need a new heating system, we can help with that too. Employing only NATE-certified technicians, you can be sure that you’ll receive expert service every time you give us a call. That’s one reason why we consistently receive five-star customer reviews. To learn more about installing a new air conditioner in your home, contact us at Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling today.

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