Most homeowners know they should schedule a furnace tune-up every year, but unfortunately many don’t schedule this important service. There are several reasons why this is a necessary service that HVAC companies provide. There are several reasons why you should schedule a furnace tune-up every fall.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Heating your home can make up a significant portion monthly energy bills in the winter. By scheduling a furnace tune-up every fall, you can save money on heating your home. A furnace that has been tuned-up operates more efficiently, which means it consumes less energy.

To increase efficiency, the technician will clean the interior of the furnace. Over time, dust and dirt buildup, which reduces how efficiently it can operate. The technician will also make sure your furnace has a clean filter, since improper airflow results in less efficiency.

More Comfortable Home

When your furnace is neglected, you’re likely to have cold and hot spots in your home, meaning some rooms maybe uncomfortably warm, while others are too cold. Effective home heating plays a big role in how comfortable your home is.

When tuning-up your furnace, the technician will make calibration adjustments that improve the flow of air in your home. They also examine temperature detection equipment to ensure it’s operating correctly.

Prevent Furnace Repairs

Having your furnace tuned-up every year will help prevent furnace repair bills. Emergency repairs can be especially costly. The technician can find small problems and get them fixed before they become big problems. By having parts regularly inspected, you can avoid many common repair issues.

Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling is an HVAC company in Vancouver, WA. Our furnace tune-up service can keep your furnace working reliably winter after winter.

Extended Furnace Life

The better maintained your furnace is, the more likely it will have a long lifespan. Regular maintenance can help your furnace last on average five years longer than one that has been neglected. Since furnaces are expensive, you want yours to last as long as possible.

When tuning-up a furnace, the technician will perform work that reduces wear and tear. Wear and tear shortens the lifespan of furnaces. They’ll lubricate moving parts and otherwise reduce stress on your heating system.

Warranty Claims

Most furnaces come with a warranty on parts. Manufacturers typically require the furnace be tuned-up by a professional on an annual basis for them to honor the warranty. You’ll need to provide service records proving it’s been tuned-up annually.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The technician will inspect and replace the furnace filter as needed when tuning-up your heating system. The filter traps air contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen and mold spores. This improved the quality of air in your home.

In between annual furnace tune-ups, you should regularly replace the air filter. You should replace it every three months, and more often if you have pets or live in a place with dirty air.

Enhanced Safety

Having your furnace tuned-up every fall helps keep you and your family safe. Gas furnaces produce dangerous air contaminants like carbon monoxide. These are ordinarily vented outside your home, but problems can arise where these gasses enter your living space. As carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, you may not know it’s present in your home if your carbon monoxide detector isn’t working.

The technician will inspect the furnace and gas pipes to make sure they’re in good working order. They’ll check that the pipes aren’t leaking natural gas, which can explode and is a health hazard. They’ll test the combustion process to see that it’s safe and efficient. Annual furnace tune-ups catch potential safety risks, so you have peace of mind it’s operating safely.

Saves You From the Inconvenience of Furnace Breakdowns

Furnace tune-ups prevent furnaces from breaking down. It can be very inconvenient to have your furnace fixed. Your home may be very cold while the furnace is out. If it’s very cold outside, you may need to leave your home for somewhere warmer while waiting for a technician to repair your furnace.

Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling repairs, installs and tunes-up heaters and air conditioners. Our company also has products and services that improve the indoor air quality of your home, such as whole-home air purifiers. Get in touch today to find out more.

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