At Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling, we understand the importance of ensuring your home is energy-efficient, with cost-effective solutions. That’s why we’re excited to share information about HVAC rebates that can benefit both your comfort and your wallet.

Investing in a high-performing HVAC system is a significant step toward creating a more comfortable living space. What makes this decision even more appealing is the opportunity to capitalize on various rebates available in the market.

Read on to discover how HVAC rebates can contribute to enhancing your home’s energy efficiency by reducing utility costs and making a positive impact on the environment.

Clark Public Utilities (CPU)

Unlock incredible savings on home comfort with Clark Public Utilities (CPU)! These exclusive rebates make upgrading to energy-efficient heating solutions more affordable than ever.

clark public utilities
  • Experience year-round comfort with up to a $1,200 rebate on Variable-Speed Heat Pumps when transitioning from an electric furnace.
  • Opt for a Non-Variable Speed Heat Pump and enjoy a $1,000 rebate for the same upgrade.
  • Upgrading your existing heat pump to a Variable Speed model? Get $200 back!
  • For efficient zone heating, claim an $800 rebate on ductless heat pumps meeting federal standards.
energy trust

Energy Trust Rebate

Discover additional savings through Energy Trust rebates on gas furnaces:

  • Embrace warmth with a $650 rebate on the installation of a 95% AFUE gas furnace. Elevate your home comfort while saving big!

Southwest Clean Air Agency (SWCAA)

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Elevate your home’s heating efficiency by bidding farewell to old fireplaces and embracing modern warmth with Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling!

  • Say goodbye to inefficiency and welcome up to $2,000 in rebates when you retrofit your fireplace with gas, ensuring a cozy ambiance and cost-effective heating.
  • Opt for electric retrofitting, and enjoy even greater savings with a generous $4,000 rebate, transforming your space into a haven of warmth and energy efficiency.
  • Have a wood stove? Consider converting to gas and claim a substantial $3,000 rebate.
  • Or, go electric for the ultimate upgrade and receive an impressive $8,000 rebate, creating a captivating and efficient heating experience.