The Daikin Difference

    daiken minisplit

    • The reliability of a single supplier. Recognized by technicians and customers worldwide for its outstanding service and support.
    • Revolutionary technology for precise temperature control that constantly readjusts itself to the environment and changing occupancy.
    • All Daikin AC systems employ inverter “variable speed” compressors and non-ozone depletion potential R-410A refrigerant, also optimizing energy conservation.
    • Advanced Multi-Split Systems allowing up to over 200 possible combinations with ducted or duct-free fan coils.
    • Absolute Comfort ® — now available at every stage. Along with their technological and aesthetic sophistication, Daikin systems are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.
    Advantages of the inverter technology
    • The system operates at the required capacity, delivering the amount of cooling or heating to maintain the desired comfort condition.
    • Start-up time is reduced by one-third (compared to normal on/off units). Avoids cycling operation of the compressor, thus reduced costly current (amp) peaks.
    • Minimizes temperature fluctuations.
    • Reduces the energy consumption by one-third (compared to normal on/ off units).
    With passion and precision, Daikin is redefining how the world thinks about cooling and heating.

    Daikin develops and optimizes every component within our unique system, making sure each element works flawlessly with the next. Optimal performance is delivered from the time a project begins to the moment of experiencing Absolute Comfort. We use the most up-to-date technology to build products that not only elevate the level of high performance but are equipped with advanced built-in intelligence and flexibility.

    Whether planning an add-on, Zone Control, or new construction, Daikin Ductless Mini Split Systems will keep you comfortable. Wireless or wired (optional) remote controllers are on all of our models and include temperature control, a timer, and other functions.