Having a malfunctioning heat pump can be frustrating, especially on a chilly day. That’s why learning a few tips on how to spot warning signs is always a good idea. The team of heat pump repair specialists from Vancouver’s Northwest HVAC Heating & Cooling wants to help you stay comfortable in your home, so they’ve collected some insight for you.

Here are five reasons your heat pump isn’t blowing hot air
  • No Power to Your Outdoor Unit
    Your heat pump’s outdoor unit is what brings air into your home, so if there’s no power running to it, that could be the issue. Check your breaker box to see if the power has been tripped. If not, contact a heat pump repair specialist.
  • Dirty Outside Unit
    The outdoor unit for your heat pump needs to be as clean as possible to function efficiently. If it’s not, it could cause a blockage that will prevent hot air from entering your home. To determine if this is the case, inspect your outdoor unit to determine if dust or debris has gathered on its refrigerant coils.
  • Broken Reversing Valve
    Your heat pump’s reversing valve is what enables you to change it from the cool to the heat setting, so a malfunction with this component can cause serious issues. If it’s broken, your heat pump will only work as an air conditioner, so it’s best to call in a heat pump repair expert in such cases.
  • Auxiliary Heat Coil Malfunctioning
    When it’s really cold (below 40 degrees Fahrenheit), your heat pump will employ auxiliary coils to help heat your home. However, when these coils are malfunctioning, your heat pump will only blow cool or lukewarm air.
  • Low Refrigerant
    Your heat pump, just like an air conditioner, relies on refrigerant to heat and cool your home. Although it uses much less than a traditional AC unit to pull air in from outside, a leak or low charge will undoubtedly affect the heat of the air blown into your home.

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